Driving business transformation

Metamorphosis is a young business having skill, knowledge and attitude with goal to transform business in a professional and scalable fashion.

Social media and mobile applications are facilitating creative product and services across the world and Bangladesh is not an exception. Young entrepreneurs are creating innovative business model considering local challenges. However, traditional business remains untouched in this era of transformation. While new generation services are getting entranced in the digital economy, it is also critical to transform age old existing business for their sustainability.

We, the Metamorphosis team is here to help driving digital transformation of business in Bangladesh with end to end solution.

- Brainstorm business challenges for optimum solution

- Analysis for transforming existing business model to a digital one

- Provide Software and Mobile applications solution with end-to-end support

‘Connectivity is Productivity’ - Iqbal Z. Quadir, Bangladeshi born accomplished entrepreneur.

Basic form of connectivity enhanced during last decade. Internet along with social media unleased the new framework where communications become super convenient in one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many connectivity. We can term it as digital connectivity. One the other hand payment modality has enhanced through mobile financial service and online banking. We can name it freedom of money flow. Hence, new digital connectivity with freedom of financial transactions gives us the opportunity to evolve ourselves providing new and better services. This is usually called as digital transformation.

Recent wave of e-commerce is one of the perfect examples to demonstrate the power of digital transformation where both business and consumers get benefitted through online purchase. On the other hand, mobile apps in smart phones are providing access to new services whenever we want them.

So, entire business environment starting from marketing to after sales services are becoming digital. Those who are making themselves digital are likely to sustain. Going digital is not fancy anymore rather it’s become compulsory for survival.

“Change is the only thing that is constant” – Heraclitus

Our life and the world around us is changing with time. The way we did something on yesterday possibly changing today. Failure to change is critical for growth and sustainability. We definitely recall once the giant cell phone maker Nokia! While it was sold to Microsoft, Nokia CEO ended his speech saying this “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. Hence, change becomes mandatory for survival even. If we want to survive, we need to change and evolve in course of time.

Mission: Introducing innovative service platforms to facilitate digital customer experience and business process optimization.

Vision: Help driving business transformation in line with digital road map to achieve operational and economic efficiency.


Digital transformation is our game

We transform your existing business to a more digital friendly enterprise

Digital Transformation

Building interactive platform to enable digital connectivity along with on-demand payment solutions.

- Requirement analysis
- Solution design and development
- Implementation and Service

End to End Solution

Providing full stack solution for enhanced customer experience with cross platform functionality.

- Software As A Service (SAAS)
- Platform As A Service (PAAS)
- Custom App for Android and iOS

Big Data Analytics

Big data is the next frontier and we provide insightful analytics and full scale implementation service.

- Digital infrastructure for Big Data
- Handling and processing
- Highlighting data behavior and intelligence

We are the First and Only Odoo Partner in Bangladesh

Solution Consultancy

Implementation Package

Customization Services

Bringing OpenEduCat in Bangladesh for the first time

Best for School, College and University

Brings Student, Teacher and Parents under same umbrella

Manage both Education and Institution



Mohammad Rukunuzzaman

Metamorphosis is Founded by Mohammad Rukunuzzaman. Before starting the Company, Rukun served as Head of Core in Network Operations of Banglalink till December 2016. He has earned professional skills on Communication Technology, Operations Management, Financial Planning and Customer Experience. With a background of 12+ years of professional experience, Rukun has keen interest in business transformation with innovative digital services. He graduated in EEE with Major in Telecommunication from BUET, the pioneer Engineering University of Bangladesh.

Sadiq M. Alam

Sadiq M. Alam, Co-Founder of Metamorphosis is a serial entrepreneur and has experience in the field of information and solutions architecture, web 2.0 technologies, content strategy, social media and project management. He has 10+ years of hands on experience in IT sector and has been involved in foundding and managing a number of international startups in Australia, UK and USA. Sadiq graduated from BUET and later completed his Masters from the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a research scholar. He was later awarded a fellowship from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).